Monday, October 30, 2006

The Devil Dared Me To, should kick ass

Used to watch this Kiwi program called "Back Of The Y" It was a program full of trash talk, amateur hard out stunts, fire works, beers and swears. It was bloody great, awhile ago a caught the end of a TV special they made called Bogans' Heroes. I was pissed of that I had missed it. But I checked out their site and they've put it up on Youtube. So here's the first part.

You can watch the other two parts here Loosetothemax. They also have another short movie at their site called Vaseline Warriors IV.

They have also made a Feature length movie that's called "The Devil Dared Me To: The Randy Cambell story" I don't know if it's finished or when it will be released but it looks good I'm looking forward to a fun Kiwi film.

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