Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2 weeks without a computer

Been awhile since my last post, my computer decided to die. It sometimes works like it is now but for the most part it doesn't turn on, can't be arsed getting it fixed so I'm getting a new one.

Since I haven't had ready access to a computer for a week or two I've noticed how shit T.V is, I've also realised how much time I used to spend in front of my computer and it was a lot, if I wasn't out partying and drinking I was on the computer. I don't think that will change though especially with my new computer.

I was so board with out it I went out and got a proper job in a bar, finish work and straight onto drinking, great stuff.

Well I'll leave y'all with an oldy but a goody.
Angry cubical guy (Embed)


Worm said...

It doesn't turn on? Could be the power supply. Don't throw it out just yet! I've managed to resurrect many a "broken" computer with my healing powers. Take it to your local computer geek.

dale said...

I went out and bought a new machine, felt like an upgrade any how. Once I set up the new one I went over to the old one and gave it a good punch and kick and now it works. I pretty sure it was either the monitor, graphics card and something to do with the power suplies to it. The computer would load up normally, the monitors lighe wouldn't turn green and before it stop working games looked funny and scambled. Gonna make a good Christmas gift for my brother.