Monday, August 21, 2006

Why are people loving on the Wii

I've said this about Nintendo's Wii before and I'll say it again, after a long days drinking all I want to do is sit back, relax and play some games. I don't want to be sitting on the edge of my seat waving a goofy looking wand around, that's what the eye toy is for, a good 20 or so minutes of jumping up and down and acting like a fool before I sit back and get into some serious gaming.

I've read comments about how people are looking forward to picking up a Wii controller, popping in the new Star Wars game and going mental Light Sabre on some wookies but I'm guessing that like the eye toy most people would get tired and want to sit back with a good old controller.

The Wii seems to want to break the mould and create a new innovative console and it seems judging by the buzz on social sites such as digg that people are hoping that it will succeed, I feel that it wont but thats just my opinion.

As for the negative buzz about the PlayStation 3 all I have to say is it seems they are staying with what works, only everything about it is hugely more powerful. I read somewhere about how a PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto might benefit from 50GB of space on a single Blu-ray disc, about 15GB for game data, models, animation and everything else which leaves 35GB for loads more little extras. What I read went on about how they could use that extra space for the audio portion of the game, that's like 3000 songs, hours upon hours of talk back and more radio stations than you can shake a wookie at.

As you can see I'm a PlayStation fan and with the huge space of the Blu-ray discs I see a lot more room for innovation over the Wii's 8.5GBs of disc space, the eye-toy gimickiness of the Wii is putting me off a little also.

I don't know how to end this rant so I'm going to leave y'all with a video of a fat guy in a tub talking about PlayStation 3.
WARNING he has back pimples (Embed)


Chris said...

The good news is that they will offer a classic controller as well...but you won't be jumping around with the wiimote either. You will have to move your arm a little...but I still get your point.

wormbrain said...

It's going to be a close race, I think. The Wii is innovative and new, but Nintendo tends to be.. pretty gay with their games. Sony has been screwing up alot in the media lately and the PS3 will supposedly cost you your first born, but.. it's a Playstation.
I'll probably wind up with the Wii as my wife and daughter will choose that one as their favorite pick.

Clip said...

I'll probably end up buying both systems, depending on if I like the Wii line up. I payed 1200 kiwi dollars for the PlayStation 2 the first night it was released, that night was my most shamefull moment in life, waiting in a crowded little gameshop at the entrance of the local mall, sipping on warm OJ from plastic cups, watching people playing Tekken Tag, catching glimpses of all the gorgeous mall bunnys pointing at all the game geeks in the reflection of the big screen. First time and last time I'm doing that.