Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mentos and diet coke gone bad

When I first saw what could be done with Mentos and Diet Coke I thought that I might give it a shot and record it, put it on the net and be funny. I realized soon after that everyone else had the same idea, so I thought flag that. In this video a guy eats some Mentos and drinks some Diet Coke and then he starts hurting.

I haven't tried this out yet but seems it ain't a myth, seems like it'll be a good party trick. Still need to find out where to get invisible string from, have an urge to float cards.

I can't believe the looks on these peoples faces, they are so amazed at a guy drinking water really really fast, if it were a bottle of JDs now that would be impressive.
Fastest Water Drinker (Embed)

Just as a Random thought email me a photo of your brand of beer and I'll post it on this blog or use the forum and if you have a site you want to promote check out the Picture Post.


wormbrain said...

That first video is a great idea, but that guy is totally faking it. I want to see someone chug diet coke, then -swallow- a pack of mentos. Let the reaction take place in their stomach..

Clip said...

LOL I think that would hurt a lot. Cheers for starting the Favorite Beers thread in the forum.