Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How to make a playing card float

Learnt some pretty good magic tricks over the years at various parties, the only problem is that I promptly forget them the next day. I think the trick to remembering them may be to learn them while I'm sober.

I'm on dialup speed at the moment so streaming videos is an ass hole, I found a couple that interested me, one was for bending spoons and one was for becoming invisible, they were each about 5 minutes long and on dialup took about an hour to load. I streamed the first few seconds just to see if they were for real, seemed professional enough and went out for a bit, came back and started watching them, they were duds farking ended up with some crappy camera effects, pissed me right off.

So I had a brief look around and found this one on how to float a playing card. It's a simple enough trick but now I have to find some where to get invisible string.
How to make a card float (Embed)


Anonymous said...

Where do you get invisible string?

Anonymous said...

u can get it at any online magic shop or just search ebay