Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fight over a cheese burger

An inmate from Southern State Correctional Facility applied for a liquor license but was denied, I could imagine what that would be like, singles nights, happy hour, 1 cigarette for a handle 3 for a shot, bouncers with guns, last call before lock down, would be great.

These dudes will probably end up in jail at some point in time, this guy goes nuts over some one eating his cheese burger, then the dude who ate his burger gets all teary eyed over his ruined jersey, pack of wankers.
Fight over a Cheese Burger (Embed)

I don't usually post fight videos but the guys in this video are to lame not to share.


Wormbrain said...

Headbutts are awesome.

Clip88 said...

I only had two bites... whomp,thud... dude my jersey.