Friday, August 04, 2006

Fast cars, Minigolf and Haunted Houses

Went out last night, it was supposed to be a quiet drink but it ended up being a full on booze up.

We started out at the drags in the Hutt Valley, this is where all the boy racers meet up on a Thursday night, not much happening there but we did see a couple of dudes chasing after a cop car one of the guys ended up kicking the cop car, I thought the police would hop out and lay down the law but they just drove off.

We headed into to town after that, hit a few clubs had some more drinks but it was pretty dead. We left town at about 3ish making our way home but ended up driving past the minigolf place so we hopped out of the car and played a little after hours putt putt, made a hole in one on the first hole and fell over a few times, great fun.

Time to head up to the old mental hospital, we spent about an hour searching the old abandoned buildings up there, freaking ourselves out. The sober driver stayed in the car and had a sleep, I probably wouldn't have gone in if I weren't drunk. The buildings had loads of old furniture and looked like lots of people had parties up there, it's a squatters paradise to.

I ended up getting dropped off at about 6am, so much for the quiet drink. Good night though fast cars, clubs, minigolf, haunted houses, loads of beer and a wicked hang over.

Seems like those racers followed me home, all I've been hearing tonight is burnouts and sirens.

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