Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another trip to the metal hospital

Got pissed as again last night, same old though, went for drive through town coz we all poor bastards, did the rounds and met up with a few others we decided to go up to the old mental hospital again this time I had my camera, we didn't get inside however half the dudes chickened out and as the rest of us were at the entrance to the building my mate fell over and cut himself.

Here's a couple photos from the hospital:

I don't think we'll be going back up there anytime soon, I also think the buildings are set for demolition.


maria said...

hei, the hospital is empty? why feel like haunting house?

Wise tourist said...

What so ever but this building looks like a Halloween house. And the quote displayed in the picture 'Danger keep out' is horror. This is never wise to enter these kind of spooky buildings.A wise man always keep out from the strange and non relevant places. There are so many quotes said by wise people on that like never ask the address of the street where you need not to go. Because this is just waste of time.