Friday, July 07, 2006

How to go clubbing on a budget of $100

I wrote about my most expensive night out clubbing awhile back. I'm getting ready to go out now and thought this would be a good time to break down how my clubbing budget is now $100, I think most of my readers are American so if you want to follow this take about %40 off the prices I quote.

Ok first thing I do before going to the clubs is check the house for any left over alcohol, looks like I have half a bottle of wine, 2 cans of beer and a little bit of jimmies left in a hip flask. That's a good start it should last me for the trip to the super market.

Just got back from the super market and have in hand the best beer in the world, that which was on sale, $12 for a doz of Ranfurly 440s that's a lot of beer should last me into town and some.

$88 left in my budget with a doz and a little wine left, I'm going to need $8 for the train in and home or I could catch the after hours bus home which means $9 in travel money. I drink my beers traveling into town and in town until I reach the liquor ban areas, that's when I stash my left over beers in a very special place, the traffic island which has nice big bushes on it, I'll go back here a couple times through the night to stock my pockets up, this is my most important step because without the stash your alcohol intake will be very low.

Got to be careful not to be seen by the cops drinking in the liquor ban area or they'll make me pour my precious beer into the gutter.

I usually visit about 5-6 clubs in a night so I got to choose which clubs to spend my cash in, it'll cost me about $68 for 11 drinks in the clubs 9 beers and a couple tequila's which leaves me with $11 for a feed or a $2 love you long time. It's best to drink as much as you can from the stash before entering the clubs that way you'll already be drunk and most likely won't be worrying about another drink you'll be worrying about keeping it down.

that's how I go clubbing with a one hundred dollar budget. Gets you a good old drunk night out and people tend to buy you drinks when they see you haven't got a drink in front of you.

Time to head out, oh one more thing this budget doesn't take into account if one hooks up, so if you intend to hook up you'd better take an extra hundred.

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