Thursday, July 20, 2006

An elephant seal, marlin and a belly flopper walk into a bar...

I had an incident with a seal back in the day, I went to get a closer look at a baby seal and the mother chased m, scared the hell out of me. These stupid idiots are bothering an elephant seal (New window), dangerous game that, they can kill you by just rolling over.

The seal incident happened while I was out fishing, I love fishing especially on a sunny day with a beer in hand though I'm pretty sure that the coast line around New Zealand now has many liquor ban spots which sucks. I'd like to go deep sea fishing one day and catch me something like these Marlin fishermen (Embed)
Now this is just cool, I didn't think liquid nitrogen (New window) would do this when dumped into a pool, looks very cool. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some liquid nitrogen.

I haven't been to a pool in years, maybe because they're germy human filth filters, I can go to the beach for free and in winter it rains. But nothing beats seeing some fat dudes belly flopping (embed)

This doesn't look real, it looks like legos or something, the video shows a bunch of building being demolished (Embed)
at the same time.

Well that's it for now, please check out the forum, no activity there at the moment, I hope that changes.

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