Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bob Sapp (The Beast) music video

Been a few days since my last post, been a little busy,Also waiting for my bandwidth to go back up. Had a good drink up on Saturday I think it was, couple doz some wine and some Jimies, got pissed as pulled over (I was a passenger) got let off, they mistook us for gang members, I feel all though after that.

Bob Sapps tough though but only if he gets ya in the first round or he gets all puffy wuffy. I wonder how many takes this Bob Sapp music video (Embed)

took, considering that he is very active in it.

Here's a video that shows the Russian way to open a bottle of beer (Embed)

He opens it with a rock, pretty cool but ever since I've learnt how to do this properly I can open a bottle of beer with pretty much any old thing that may be lying around.

To have a great party you need people who like to party, that's why I love this guys enthusiasm (Embed)

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