Thursday, June 22, 2006

My most expensive night out clubbing, won't do that again

Courtney Place, Wellington, New Zealand on a Saturday night is the best place to be, all the clubs, pubs, bars are lined up down this street, no annoying taxis from club to club, in one club and down the street about 5 meter's into another club. It can be expensive on a Saturday night though, Wednesday is student night and it's very cheap, but it's not as busy, due to it being in the middle of the week. On my most expensive night I went in with $800 and came out with about $200.

Let me break down that $600 night:

$90 for taxis

$30 for the first round of drinks for 5 people

$7 for first Tequila shot, followed by...

$28 for 4 more tequila's

$5 for a beer followed by...

$20 for 4 more beers

Things are starting to get a little hazzy by this point, met up with more friends

$50 on more assorted drinks (probably)

$20 door charge for a lame drum and base gig

Started shouting my friends drinks at this time

$100+ shouting drinks

Left the drum and base gig, the girls went and did their thing and the us boys went of to a strip club

$20 door charge at the strip club

$7 for a bottle of beer, thought to myself "wow that is really realy expensive" probably came out more like

"ahh fuck what". Strip clubs don't give out change they give you stripper money, I paid for my drink with a

$20 note, got back 13 stripper dollars, quickly spent that.

$30 more for stripper dollars, spent that quickly too. When the dancers see the dollars they go for gold and take as much as they can.

Left the strip club met up with some more friends...

$7 on some Burger King

back to the clubs

$10 for 2 beers

$50+ shouting more drinks

$100+ miscellaneous

Lots of dancing, partying, Clubs started closing 3am onwards, Roamed the street for awhile looking for open clubs, we finally gave up and all went home. Sad thing is I didn't hook up that night.

I promised myself that I would never spend that much out clubbing again, it was a fairly decent night, not that great but was my first time in a strip club so that's a bonus.

Next time I'll write about how I only ever spend $100 clubbing and how I achieve this

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