Friday, June 09, 2006

Hungover with the flu, what to do?

I have the flu and I shouldn't have gone out last night but I did and I'm sure I gave my flu to a load of drunk people, sorry.
So I'm hungover with the flu and I can't be arsed doing much apart from looking around the net for some amusing things.

This illusion is nuts, stare at the dot, the image changes to a gray one but you will see it in color, here's a bigger version of the illusion. In my state though it kind of made me feel dizzy.

These Jerks
(video drops down) need some prison lovin, they randomly beat up a couple of dudes for no reason, they could have bitch talked some before they started pounding.

The expression on the face of the first guy is priceless, hidden camera type show of a suit of armor coming alive for the tourists.

I don't think I have ever watched a full game of baseball but if every game was like this I think I would watch it a lot more, crazy baseball fight.

This is just wrong, college students take ipods over beer, I've seen so many near misses of people listening to ipods nearly getting run down on busy streets, same goes for drunks but they usually end up jumping on the hood and yelling "I'M WASTED!!!"

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