Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beer Pong through drunken eyes

I wrote in a previous post about Beer Pong I still don't really know what it is but I still keep coming across it to much to not look into it further. It can't be as simple as banging a ping pong ball at some cups.

First of what does wiki have to say...
"Beer Pong (also known as Beirut) is an American drinking game that involves propelling a table tennis ball across a table with the aim of making the ball land in one of several cups of beer."Beer Pong Wikipedia
So it is just hitting a ball at some cups, Wikipedia goes into great detail about the rules, equipment, variations and history of the game, it also says that it's popular among high school and college students ( Naughty high school students ) and is one of Americas biggest drinking games (ahh I don't get it coz I aint American).

Time to google it (but not to much I need nap time)

National Beer Pong League Lots more variations, rules can be found here, it's got a good link list to other Beer Pong sites.

Beer Pong College
Has got some info and a few pics.

If anyone knows of any other good Beer Pong sites let me know.

I think I need to see videos of the game being played that's how I learn best. Lets watch some videos.

Beer pong animation (Video)
Cool animation that clears things up a lot.

Simple game of Beer Pong (Video)
Throw the ball Bitch

Amazing Pong Shots (Video)
Some amazing Pong shots, they must not drink much to be able to pull off shots like these.

Now that I've looked into Beer pong a little more I've realized it's about hanging out with friends, getting excited about pulling off great shots that can only be cool when drunk, getting a work out while drinking and getting piss faced rotten drunk.

Tequila Pong sounds good to me, Nude Beer Pong sounds better.

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