Thursday, May 18, 2006

Video of Steve-O drunk on a plane

It would be insane to drink with Steve-O, this video is of Steve-O drunk on a plane, burning himself with smokes and getting kicked off.
You used to be able to smoke on planes right? Growing up in the PC generation sucks balls, in my dads days the police couldn't tell the difference between weed plants and tomato plants and if they did they would smoke a bowl with them, cars didn't have seat belts and cars weren't made of this plastically amalgam alloy watchyamacallit they were made of STEEL, you wouldn't get your beers confiscated just because you were in a liquor ban area and you could wear funky as clothing and still be cool, you could smoke in bars and not get dirty looks, but that's cool coz the smoking area is usually better than in the clubs. A stick and a tennis ball were all a kid needed to have fun with their mates and I would love to have a "hiking 20 miles in the snow" story to tell my future children but all I can say is "mum dropped me a block from the school in her mini van"
But it ain't all bad, I can now TiVo all my favorite TV shows.

Click here to watch video

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